[4.3] 7/8 Dragon Soul

The newest raid content in World of Warcraft has been sort of a roller coaster of experiences for my guild.  In our very first night, on patch 4.3 launch day, we took out Morchock, Zon’ozz, and Yor’sahj.  The boss kills flew by so quickly that in our haste we forgot to take screenshots!!

100% Accurate Morchock Screenshot Reproduction

The next night Hagara and Ultraxion fell before us (we finally remembered an official screenshot for Ultraxion!), and Warmaster Blackhorn died on Sunday.  Our first week of Dragon Soul was over and we were already 6/8 normal modes. It felt kind of surreal.  Almost finished with an entire new raid tier before the first week.

After clearing out Spine of Deathwing on the 11th, we’ve been working on the Madness of Deathwing for the last week.  Part of me feels like we should have had this encounter in the bag by now; he should have died by the 18th, at the very latest.   Another part of me is a little glad we didn’t just blow through the whole instance like tissue.  Well, that second part is a very small part.

We’ve been experimenting with a variety of raid compositions (2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps vs. 1 tank, 2 healers, 7 dps) and different platform orders (“green, yellow, red, blue” vs. “green, yellow, blue, red” vs. “green, red, yellow, blue”), and just haven’t found the right combination of everything for it all fall into place.  We’ve seen phase 2 a couple of times thus far though, so things are looking up.

So far this week, we cleared the first seven bosses completely in one night with minimal fuss, so we’ll have all day Thursday to (hopefully) finish off Madness of Deathwing.  Getting him out of the way before we take a week off for Christmas and New Years would be a relief.