A Ramble on PvP and Tanking


Last week I dropped Leiyan’s Balance spec and picked up a Resto PvP spec.  I’ve never really been into PvP… I play on a PvE server now because the first 40 levels of Leiyan’s life was hell on a PvP server.  Still, I have to admit the Wintergrasp zone during WotLK grew on me, and I sort of enjoy Tol Barad as well.

My current interest in PvP has been driven by the possibility for guild sponsored rated Battleground groups.   My biggest beef with Battlegrounds is that everyone seems to know exactly what everyone else should do, but they wont do it themselves.  But, entering a Battleground in a full guild group, with everyone communicating on Mumble just sounds like a ton of fun.  Like the Wintergrasp and Tol Barad battles, only… coordinated.

So I had my husband craft me a full set of caster PvP gear (“Bloodied Wyrmhide” iLevel 339), and I’ve been attempting to grind my way up to the “Bloodthirsty Gladiator’s” (iLevel 352) set.  Despite the lower overall stats on the PvP set (especially the iLevel 399) when compared to my PvE set, the new gear has made a huge difference.  I guess resilience really is as important as they all say!

The grind, though, is still very slow.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I always seem to be grouped with an abundance of healers.  In several 10v10 Twin Peaks matches over the weekend, for example, there were no less than five healers per match!  That seemed absolutely terrible to me, and sure enough we usually just didn’t have the fire power to take down the other team.

I was also roped into some 2v2 arenas by a random warlock in Stormwind.  We did about 6 games, I think, and lost them all!  The warlock must have kicked me from his team overnight at some point, since I’m no longer in his team, lol.  I’ve made my way to a guild 3v3s arena team now, but I haven’t participated in any matches yet.  We’ll see how that goes later this week!

Finally, I haven’t really done any research into PvP specs or guides before.  I’ve never ever even HAD a PvP spec before, on ANY character.  Does anyone know of some good Resto Druid PvP resources I could take a look at? =)


All this PvP time on Leiyan has been taking away time I would have normally spent on Haylianna, running heroics and whatnot.  Last night however, a few guildies asked if I would tank an alt group for them.  We queued up and appeared in Stonecore.

As a tank this dungeon always gives me pause, more so than any other dungeon.  Sure Grim Batol can have some insane trash pulls and it’s super long.  Baron Ashbury in Shadowfang Keep, before the nerf, was also scary with all the required interrupts.  But Stonecore has… Ozruk.

Last night, we wiped on Ozruk about 10 times before giving up.  Most of those wipes were directly my fault.  I didn’t move behind him for a Ground Slam, or I didn’t run far enough away for a Shatter.  It was miserable.  Doubly so because I clearly remember that the last few times I tanked this dungeon I had no problem at all with Ozruk.

A guild main tank, who was running on his mage at the time, mentioned to me that they had made recent changes to this particular boss.  I do really like the new spell effect showing how far you need to run out for Shatter, though it took me an attempt or two to get used to it.  However, it felt like some of the timings between boss abilities had changed, maybe caused by the increased cast time of Shatter?

Whatever it was, there were a lot of things going wrong, and I just couldn’t figure it all out to make it work.  I suppose I’ve been spending too much time neglecting my alt while I’ve been busy raiding and PvPing on Leiyan.  The last time I did a heroic of any kind on Haylianna was over two weeks ago, and I ran that as a Cat.  I need to get back into the groove and make sure I’m doing some tanking every week to keep myself up to speed.