Gemming Your Resto/Feral Druid, PSA

When you decide to play a Resto Druid and offspec into Feral (instead of Balance like a normal Resto Druid does), make certain you keep an eye on your gems.  And in case there was any confusion on the issue…

Gemming your amazing new gloves with Delicate Inferno Rubies will not, in fact, help you heal better.  Not that I have -any- personal experience with this matter whatsoever.  *wanders off mumbling about speed gemming during raid breaks*


4 thoughts on “Gemming Your Resto/Feral Druid, PSA

    • Yes…that’s it…I was only trying to enhance my natural Night Elf dodging abilities… I like your story! I’m sticking to it!

  1. Being a fellow treebear I also wouldn’t recommend enchanting your healing staff (because a suitable 1h just doesn’t want to drop) with 130 agi …

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