[4.3] Transmogrification! Tsuki ni Kawatte Oshioki yo!

The only thing I could think about on Tuesday, Patch 4.3 Day, was TRANSMOGRIFICATION.  I know the blogosphere has lit up all over this topic, but I just can’t help adding my own two cents.

Being sentimental by nature I was well positioned for the initial announcement of Transmogrification, and had near complete sets of all tier gear from t4 to t12.  Despite that I spent a lot of time wavering between my favorite tier sets and coming up with an original look.  However no matter what I ended up with, one thing was always certain: the T8 Conqueror’s Nightsong Sailormoon Headpiece will pretty much be a permanent fixture on Leiyan’s head (as featured in my blog banner!).

Sailormoon hat image borrowed from Wowhead!

Sailormoon hat image borrowed from Wowhead!

This hat is the single most amazing piece of gear ever created by Blizzard… and now I will get to wear it forever.  To make my life even more amazing, Blizzard introduced new hairstyles for Night Elves back in patch 4.2 including “Sassy Buns” which looks pretty much exactly like Sailormoon’s hair does, except much much shorter. Still, the odango atama are intact and wearing it in white with the T8 hat is nearly the perfect combination.

Honestly, you have no idea how happy this makes me.

In addition to the Hat of Amazing Awesomness, I’ve decided on a custom look pulled from green quality gear for my debut transmogrification set.  The foundation of this set comes from the Archer’s set of gear.  However, I changed out the shoulders and boots for the Umbrafen set, the cloak (hidden in this image) from the Tracker set, and the belt from the Ranger set.  I completed the outfit with the Cenarion Expedition Tabard and Staff of the Verdent Circle, which set the entire look off nicely.  The Staff of the Verdent Circle is actually a really unique and interesting item, since it has animation effects that grow flowers and mushrooms along it’s length.

Overall, my goal for this look was of a Druid, blessed of Elune, in practical clothing, actively involved in the daily business of saving Azeroth.  She is out in the field, doing meaningful work, and has a no-nonsense attitude about her outfit.  I think I achieved that look quite nicely, and I am very pleased with the outcome.


One thought on “[4.3] Transmogrification! Tsuki ni Kawatte Oshioki yo!

  1. Hello, I love this look, and i want to know where did you farmed the Umbrafen Shoulderguards ? I have all the other parts exept the shoulders and the boots.

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