[4.2] Firelands 10s – Shannox: Alternative Strategy

When we killed Shannox 10s once again this week, we were forced to used to a slightly different strategy.  Our heavy hitting Arcane Mage was unable to attend the raid, and though we tried our previous strategy a couple of times, we just couldn’t reliably break off Rageface’s Face Rage in time.

Our new strategy involved burning down Rageface as quickly as possible and simply healing the Shannox tank through the 30% buff.

Everything involving Riplimb and Shannox remained the same as I described before.  The tanks kept them a fair distance apart, we trapped Riplimb as often as possible, the raid took Shannox to about 40ish% before killing off Riplimb, then we burned Shannox down.

If you do not have a consistent heavy hitter, but have some strong healers, this might turn out to be a more viable strategy for your raid group.

For us, this turned out to be a much better than last week’s strategy.  We had one death to Rageface early on, but after that by having all DPS focus on the hound, we were almost guaranteed to break the rest of the Face Rages.  The additional 30% buff on Shannox was not too strenuous for the healers to deal with.  In fact, I even got myself killed on accident during a Spear Hurl and the remaining two healers were able to keep both tanks and the raid alive with only a little difficulty for the last half of the fight.

Considering how it simplified the entire encounter over all by removing Rageface as a threat, we’re probably going to be using this strategy for the rest of our time in Firelands.


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