[4.2] Key Removal

EDIT June 29, 2011:  4.2 hit the live servers yesterday, and it appears that Blizzard heard my pleas!  Despite the fact that neither of my favorite keys were listed as ones being kept, I still have both the Essence-Infused Moonstone and the Celestial Planetarium Key in my inventory!  I also had a variety of other quest related keys (including a key used to rescue poor Corki from his prison in Nagrad), which I promptly deleted. ^^*  I’m just happy to hold onto those two as tangible representations of my favorite accomplishments.

Like many others who have written on this subject, I have mixed feelings regarding the removal of keys… I can understand removing barriers to content, especially older content where the grind to access it is now excessive.  Overall, however, I only feel a sense of loss.

I remembered getting keyed for Burning Crusade heroics.  I worked so hard for those and was so proud to finally make it in!  I would run heroic dungeon pugs, and eventually found myself invited to a raiding guild.  When epic Flight Form was introduced, getting keyed for Anzu in Heroic Sethekk Halls was an awesome achievement (before “Achievements” were introduced!).  Now, even though anyone can summon the Raven Lord, I still hold tightly onto my keystone, onto the memories of how happy and excited I was to earn that same keystone and to defeat the Raven Lord.

When patch 4.2 hits I will be so sad to no longer find the Essence-Infused Moonstone sitting happily in my bags.

And then there was Algalon, in Ulduar… My guild didn’t get to Algalon until after we were well into ToC material…but when we managed a 25s heroic kill of the Iron Council and that Archivum Data Disc dropped… I bid the maximum number of DKP points that I could.   The abundance of silly astronomy references in the Algalon fight made that encounter a special treat for me, and I wanted to make certain that I would always be able to go back.  To this day I think I’m still the only person in my guild who has the 25s key for Algalon.

For those who haven’t seen Algalon before, I can appreciate that it might be difficult to find someone with a key who is also willing to go with you.  I can understand why Blizzard might want to remove attunements, and let people experience the older content if they want without being hindered… but that key means something to me.  Sure, let everyone who wants to see Algalon experience the encounter without attunement… but don’t take away my Celestial Planetarium Key.

Blizzard, even if they are no longer of value, no longer needed, please don’t forcible remove things that have personal significance to those who play your game.


2 thoughts on “[4.2] Key Removal

  1. Love your blog. I am glad I found it. I am sad that Blizzard is removing keys but I understand time marches on. I still have my ZF mallot, my Onyxia, BT, Kara & BWL keys. I have the memories of obtaining them that many never did & no one will ever see again. I saw it. I did it. Blizzard can do what they will, I will always remember.

  2. Thanks for your kind words!

    Yes, I agree that they can’t take my memories. But, I’ve always been a nick-knack sorta person. I keep things because they remind me of something or sometime. I really don’t mind the devaluing of the objects, or the removal of their requirements…but I’d just wish they make them all grey items and let us choose to delete them or not. It’s my choice to take up two inventory spots with keys. Someday, if I need those two spots for something else, maybe I’ll toss them…but I’d like the option to choose! =)

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