[4.1] Living Seed UNLINKED from Efflorescence

Efflorescence has been redesigned. It creates a healing zone at the feet of a Swiftmend target, but this healing zone now restores health equal to 4/8/12% of the amount healed by Swiftmend to the three most injured targets within 8 yards, every 1 second for 7 seconds. This periodic effect now also benefits from spell haste, but the individual ticks cannot be critical effects. In addition, Living Seed is no longer a prerequisite talent for Efflorescence.

–Patch Notes 4.1, http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/2356431

Amazing!  It looks like Blizzard has been paying attention to our pleas!   I dearly hope this change makes it to live.  Three spare talent points? Yes, please!!

Unless Blizzard buffs Living Seed, I plan to put a point back into Nature’s Swiftness, Swift Rejuvenation, and max out Gift of the Earthmother again.  Happy day!

Edit: On second thought, Blizzard would have to re-arrange the Resto talent tree a bit to really free those points up completely.  As things stands, we would still need to have at least two of those three former Living Seed points spread out between Blessing of the Grove, Perseverance, Living Seed, or Nature’s Swiftness in order to move further down the talent tree.  Fury of Stormrage doesn’t really belong in a PvE spec, so I wouldn’t consider that unless it was given healing properties (similar to the Atonement talent that augments Smite for Discipline Priests).

Not a Screenshot - Possible 4.1 talents based on recent information. Where should those 2 points go that are required to move down the tree?

One point in Nature’s Swiftness and Blessing of the Grove each would be my current choice, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see more changes in our future.


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