Swiftmend Confession

I spent some time today taking a hard look at my recent combat logs and I’m not very happy with what I saw.

On Tuesday we spent three hours wiping on Nefarian.  I only cast Swiftmend 19 times.  That’s it.  Over the course of three hours.  19 times.  A whopping .7% of my total heals.

Worse, this wasn’t just an off-night for me.  Last Thursday, I only used it 18 times.  The Tuesday before, 29 times.

I love Swiftmend.  I really do.  But I think, sometimes, I tend to overvalue the spell.  I hold off using it until I absolutely need it, which is completely ridiculous given it has only a 15 second cooldown.  On top of that, the very fact that I use it so infrequently proves that there really aren’t a ton of these absolutely critical moments where I simply could not get by without Swiftmend.

Most of the time, as it turns out, I’m saving Swiftmend for nothing.

For comparison, the other Resto Druid in my raid group casts Swiftmend about 80-100 times per raid night.  He’s specced into Efflorescence.

That got me thinking.  I know that once 4.1 hits I am going back to Efflorescence (yay buffs!), but I think it’s worth mixing things up a little right now.  Tonight I’m respeccing to this:

Mostly I hope that the glowy green graphic on the ground (or lack thereof) will remind me to use Swiftmend more often.

Dropping Gift of the Earthmother? Yea, I know.  I never considered dropping this talent before reading Lissanna’s post here where she briefly mentions it as an option. Currently, the instant Rejuv tick accounts for about 3-4% of my total heals (Rejuvenation itself is around 20% of my total heals). Not insignificant, but not huge either.  Also, as any good tank healing Druid would, I try not to let Lifebloom “bloom” unless I’m spamming it in Tree of Life form.

I do like to try out different and uncommon specs.  I’m curious to find out how much I rely on GotEM to provide that instant Rejuv hit and the boosted “blooms” vs. how much Efflorescence and more frequent Swiftmend casts will compensate for dropping the talent.  After all,  if it ends up to be a terrible idea, I can always scoot the points around some more.  Experimentation, woot!


2 thoughts on “Swiftmend Confession

  1. With this spec, you could drop the points from Blessing of the Grove instead of dropping all 3 from Gift of the Earthmother. 2 points in GotEM will increase the healing output of your Rejuv more than 2 points in BotG.

    Also, as you said, your main LB should not be blooming much but ToL lifebloom spam will be effected by GotEM too.

    • I think I just want BotG to be more useful than it is, I keep hoping it’ll be nice to have. =*(

      As for GotEM, I really wanted to see how much I missed it. What impact I would feel without it, especially since it is a talent I pretty much considered mandatory before. Specifically choosing a spec without it helps me evaluate it how it affects my play style, rather than just straight numbers.

      It’s sort of like Nature’s Swiftness, a talent that for so long, many druids (myself included) couldn’t imagine playing without. So why not play without for a little while and see? As it turns out, I really didn’t miss GotEM all that much. I will concede that it GotEM is a better place for those two points that BotG, so I’ll probably move my talents around again tonight or over the weekend.

      I do miss Nature’s Swiftness though. Maybe I’ll end up 1/3 GotEM and 1/1 NS, or sneak a point out of something else.

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