When Level 2 Taurens Attack

After my guild raid on February 1, I noticed something weird going on in Stormwind.  At first, it was just people spamming a link in Trade chat.  The usual junk, I thought as I yawned about ready to head off for the night.  But then I saw it repeated in yells all over the city, and someone even posted it into guild chat.  At this point I started to pay more attention to what was going on around me and caught something about Horde at the gates…

It was only as I made my way to the cities entrance that I started to notice the skeletons.  There weren’t many at first, but as I got out into the Valley of Heroes they began to pile up… and then I saw them…level 2 Taurens, corpse hoping their way into Stormwind.  It seemed an impossible journey, but there were just so many of them.  They would rez, take a few steps die, run back, rez, take a few steps, run back, on and on and on… the level 2 Taurens just keep popping up!

Finally I decided to check out this link everyone was still spamming and discovered it was a live feed from Gamebreaker TV…showing Stormwind being invaded by level 2 Taurens.  After a few minutes of listening, it became apparent what was going on.  The website/channel was holding a race; the first level 2 Tauren to make it to the main Auction House in Stormwind on the Uldum server would be declared the winner.  I’ve heard of these sort of things….but seeing it live on MY server, that was certainly a hoot.  I fired up the old Moonfire button and join the fray, spam-attacking every Tauren in sight.  After all, what good is a contest like this without some obstacles, right?

Eventually, someone made it all the way to the stage behind the auctioneers.  I don’t remember who it was exactly, but hats off to them!  The Alliance definitely did not make it easy.  After the winner was declared on Gamebreaker TV, they decided to try for one more thing….getting as many level 2 Taurens into the AH and dead all at the same time to provide the room with some new carpeting… Tauren cowhides.

The new carpeting in the Action House, along with a large chunk of the Stormwind population.

I’m really glad I stuck around after the raid to see this… it was tons of fun to participate in.

Thanks Gamebreaker TV for all the laughs!!


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