Goal: 55 Exalted Reputations before Tuesday

First of all, this isn’t as crazy a goal as it might seem.  Leiyan is currently sitting on 53 Exalted Reputations. Yup, 53.

Additionally, I’m about 3k rep from finishing Therazane (I should actually hit exalted today after the dailies, but I don’t really consider a reputation finished until its 999/1000 Exalted), and halfway through honored with the Wildhammer Clan.

After I knock those two reps out, I plan to go back and finish up Bloodsail Buccaneers (I know, I know, if I was a REAL pirate I would have grinded High Admiral “Shelly” Jorrik all the way up to exalted back during Wrath of the Lich King. But I didn’t…oh well!), fix my Goblin rep AGAIN, max out Baradin’s Wardens, and max out my guild reputation along the way, bringing me up to a total of 58 exalted reputations.  After that I’ll probably bite the bullet and look at two of those PVP reps just to bring myself to an even 60 exalted and maxed out reputations.

I’m not sure where or why I caught the Reputation bug.  I know it was sometime early in Wrath of the Lich King I decided that I simply NEEDED the “Insane” title.  That took me over a year to complete and I still proudly wear my title.   I don’t think I’ll be changing it for a while yet.

Obviously, I’ve never really been in a big hurry to max out reputations. I want them, I really really want them, but I don’t really care if I get it tomorrow or next month…or even next year!

But now, suddenly, I’m in this huge rush to hit 55 Exalted Reputations… because the Guild Achievement “United Nations” is bugged.

“United Nations” requires that your guild have 55 Exalted Reputations.  I, probably like most people, assumed that you needed 55 unique Exalted Reputations across the entire population of your guild.  Well, I figured, this wasn’t a problem for us.  I already had 50 exalted reps going into Cataclysm, someone in my guild was exalted Scryers (I was Aldor), someone else exalted Frenzyheart (I have Oracles), and then our real achievement nut had the 3 PVP reputations all maxed out while he was working on the various PVP achievements.  Between the four of us we had 55 exalted reputations easy, and that was before counting any of the new Cataclysm reputations.

Then we found out that in order for your reputations to count you needed to have Revered reputation with your guild.  Well, ok.  We still -have- the achievement, it’s just delayed a little.  The person with the 3 PVP reputations hit revered a few weeks ago.  The “United Nations” achievement sat at 47/55 exalted reputations, the exact number of exalted reputations this other player had.

A few days ago, I hit revered with the guild.  The “United Nations” achievement jumped…! But only to 53/55 Exalted, which, coincidentally, was exactly how many exalted reputations I had.  Obviously the three PVP reps earned by the other player weren’t impacting the achievement anymore, otherwise we would have had at least 56 Exalted reps between the two of us.

I checked Wowhead and, as it turns out, others have reported the same problem.  “United Nations” seems to only count the one person with the most exalted reputations who also is revered with the guild.  I would call this a bug, since instead of letting everyone in the guild have a chance to contribute, the achievement rests squarely on the shoulders of one person.

Well, in my guild, that one person is me.  At least until the achievement is fixed.  I’m almost certain it will be, eventually, although it’s probably not a high priority for Blizzard.  Still, it seems that the patch is almost here, it could be this Tuesday for all I know, and though United Nations hasn’t been mentioned anywhere in PTR notes… it could be stealth fixed.  And so, I want to hit 55 reps before Tuesday, before a patch can potentially come in, fix the achievement, and hand it over to my guild without so much as a ding to let anyone know it had happened.

Maybe it’s selfish, but I want to see the Wildhammer Clan exalted achievement come up on my screen and then, at the exact same time, see the guild United Nations achievement appear and know that I’m the one who did that. (On a related note, I’m deeply disappointed that there is NOT a personal 50 or 55 exalted reputations achievement.  I guess they don’t want to encourage individuals to spend that much time grinding achievements?  Perhaps since they removed a few reputations (Zandalar and Shen’dralar for example) its not possible anymore to achieve these high reputation numbers when starting from starch?)

I guess part of the reason I want to lay claim to this one achievement as “mine” is because my guild is chock full of active east coast players (I live on the west coast).  It’s super cool that we are leveling as a guild so fast, maxing out every single day… but we usually hit our daily cap by the time I get home from work.  I don’t think I’ve ever even seen the guild actually level.  One day its level 10 the next, level 11.  Is there any flashy message on the screen with sound and everything?  I have no clue.

I’m sure a lot of people out there are in the same boat regarding guild experience… but the United Nations “guild” achievement can be mine.  It will be mine. Just mine.

I sure hope everyone in my guild enjoys their free Dark Phoenix Hatchling! =)


2 thoughts on “Goal: 55 Exalted Reputations before Tuesday

  1. I am currently at 52/55 and I loathe to get those 3 reps for my guild. Like others, I thought it was a guild wide effort and the other rep hoarder has all the pvp ones taken care of.

  2. This is getting fixed in 4.1!

    “The guild achievements for earning exalted reputation with factions (Ambassador, Diplomacy, and United Nations) have been fixed to now correctly count cumulative guild members with exalted factions. Previously, these achievements would only count exalted factions on one guild member.”

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