Restoration and Balance Spec Macros

Here are some of the macros I have used for Restoration and Balance specs.

Unless otherwise stated, I always choose the red “?” icon for my macros so that the image displayed in my action bar corresponds to the active spell.  The “#showtooltip” line will ensure that the appropriate tooltip is displayed when mousing over an action bar button.

And, of course, you can always replace the spell name in my example with whatever spell you would like to use in that macro.

Restoration Macros

Basic Mouseover Macro

I use this mouseover macro as the backbone for pretty much all of my healing spells on Leiyan.

This macro casts Rejuvenation on the target my mouse cursor is currently hovering over.  If my mouse isn’t hovering over anyone and I’m targeting a friendly mob it cast Rejuvenation on them.  If my mouse isn’t hovering over anyone and I’m targeting an enemy mob, it will cast Rejuvenation on whomever that enemy mob is targeting.    If my mouse isn’t hovering over anyone and I’m not targeting anything, it will cast Rejuvenation on myself.

/cast [target=mouseover, help][help][target=targettarget, help][target=player] Rejuvenation

Mouseover Macro with Alt Modifier

This macro is very similar to the basic mouseover macro, except that it will cast a different spell in all of the same situations if I hold down my ALT key while casting.

/cast [target=mouseover, help,mod:alt][help,mod:alt][target=targettarget, help,mod:alt][target=player,mod:alt] Nourish; [target=mouseover, help][help][target=targettarget, help][target=player] Regrowth

You can replace “alt” with your preferred modifier key (such as “shift” or “crtl”).

NS+HT Mouseover Macro

As long as you are standing still, this macro will cast Nature’s Swiftness and then Healing Touch on your mouseover target in one hit of my keyboard.  I’ve found that if I’m on the move I need to hit the button twice to activate Nature’s Swiftness and then cast Healing Touch instantly.  If anyone has a NS+HT macros that works while on the move with one click, I’d love to hear about it.

#showtooltip Nature’s Swiftness
/cast Nature’s Swiftness
/cast [target=mouseover, help][help][target=targettarget, help][target=player] Healing Touch

Another small point about this macro is the use of “#showtooltip Nature’s Swiftness.”  Instead of using the “?” image so that the active spell always shows, I chose the Healing Touch image for this macro, since that is more significant to me than the Nature’s Swiftness icon.  However, the addition of that “#showtooltip Nature’s Swiftness” line means that this macro will always display the cooldown timer of Nature’s Swiftness overlaid on the Healing Touch image icon, and when I mouseover this action bar button the displayed tooltip will give me information about Nature’s Swiftness, including the time left on cooldown.

Balance Macros

My Balance Macros are fairly simple affairs.  Due to my n52te setup (which I am writing a post about), it is typically not easy to move while using the ALT key, so I tend to put casted spells on the ALT modifier and instant spells as the default action.

Basic Modifier Macro

This macro casts Insect Swarm normally, and then Wrath if I hold down the ALT key.

/cast [mod:alt] Wrath; Insect Swarm

Likewise, this macro casts Moonfire normally, and then Starfire if I hold down the ALT key.

/cast [mod:alt] Starfire; Moonfire

Lastly, I like to bind one of my side mouse buttons to spells that have to be targeted on the ground, such as Hurricane and Wild Mushrooms.  This way I can move my mouse into position and just click the side button to place the spell.

/cast [mod:alt] Wild Mushroom; Hurricane

In order to detonate the mushrooms, I use a macro that normally casts Starfall  but whenI hold down ALT it will blow up shrooms.

/cast [mod:alt] Wild Mushroom: Detonate; Starfall

I know a lot of people like to put their Wild Mushroom and the Detonate Mushroom on the same button. I prefer to use separate keys so that I can keep my target-able spells together instead. It’s all up to personal taste.

Spec-Independant Macros

Innervate Target Macro

What I love about this macro is that if I use the button normally it will ALWAYS Innervate myself, no matter who I am targeting or who I am mousing over.  If I want to share my macro with someone else, I simply need to target them and hold down ALT while hitting the button.

/cast [mod:alt, target=target] Innervate; [target=player] Innervate

I’ve thought about making the ALT modified side of the macro work with mouseover targets, but making sure my Innervate isn’t accidentally cast on the wrong person is very important these days.  I don’t want to accidentally slip and mouseover the Shaman with full mana when the Priest I’m targeting is on her last dregs.  I prefer to make sure I’m solidly targeting the player I intend to Innervate.

Mouse Clicker’s Focus CC Macro

Even though CC is much more important in Cataclysm, I never use my CC abilities enough to warrant keybinding and instead have them on my mouse clicks only action bars.  I also make heavy use of my focus target for CCing that way I can be free to target whomever I need for healing or dpsing and never worry about needing to find my CC target again.

If I click it with the LEFT mouse button it will cast Entangling Roots on my focus target.  If I click it with the RIGHT mouse button it will cast Entangling Roots on my actual target.

/cast [button:1, target=focus] Entangling Roots
/cast [button:2] Entangling Roots

Keybinder’s Focus CC Macro

This is a similar macro but built to be placed on a keybind, if you have room for that sort of thing.  If you hit the key normally it will cast Entangling Roots on your focus target.  If you hold down ALT while hitting the key, you’ll cast Entangling Roots on your actual target.

/cast [mod:alt] Entangling Roots; [target=focus] Entangling Roots

And that’s about it for Leiyan’s macros! I’ll be posting again soon with Haylianna’s macros (Bear/Cat Spec). I also have a planned post regarding my n52te set up which I’m really looking forward to publishing.


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