[4.0.6] A Closer Look at Nature’s Bounty

An interesting comment was left on previous last post, and I’d like to try and address it.

Myself and our other druid wonder if the practical application of the 3 rejuvs+ nourish will actually work. Even with Swift Rejuvenation and a good amount of haste, will one of those rejuvs fall off before we get to that third target to nourish? I haven’t seen any information regarding that, so for now I am leery of Nature’s Bounty.

– Kirstimah

This is going to be very math heavy, and I hope it is correct.  Please let me know if you notice a mistake or messed up formula somewhere.  Also, you can skip to the bottom to find a spreadsheet which ought calculate your cast times.


First, let’s look at the base cast time of some important spells for this exercise.

Nourish (assuming Naturalist 2/2 talent) is a 2.5 second cast.

Regrowth is a 1.5 second cast.

Rejuvenation (assuming Swift Rejuvenation talent) has a 1 second GCD, and lasts 12 seconds.

Assuming 3/3 Nature’s Bounty and 3 Rejuvenations up, the cast time of Nourish is reduced from 2.5 sec to 1.75 sec. [2.5 – (.3 x 2.5) = 1.75]

Now, let’s include haste.  My current haste is 14% on the nose, I also like to include the 5% haste buff typically found in a raid since I almost always have a Shaman, Shadow Priest, or Moonkin around.  Remember, haste percentage is multiplicative and not additive.

So in a normal raid situation my haste is 1.14 x 1.05 = 1.197, or 19.7% haste.

According to Wowpedia.org the cast time of a spell affected by haste can be found with this formula:

Base Casting Time / (1 + (% Spell Haste / 100)) = New Casting Time

During a typical raid, while I have three Rejuvenations up, Nourish would have a cast time of:

1.75 / (1 + (19.7/100)) = 1.4619, or about 1.5 seconds.

1.5 sec x 3 = 4.5 seconds, or let’s say 6 seconds if I include generous time for targeting and lag.

Bringing it all together…

Rejuvenation lasts 12 seconds.   If I spend 4 seconds casting Rejuvenation (a little wiggle room for targeting time, lag, etc), that leaves me with 8 seconds to cast Nourish until the first Rejuvenation falls off.  As already calculated, casting three Nourishes should only take 6 seconds of time, leaving me with 2 seconds before I need to refresh the first Rejuvenation and start the cycle over.  If I needed, I could probably also squeeze a Lifebloom or Wild Growth into there.

Conclusion: With 14% haste, I would have plenty of time to cast a third Nourish before having to reapply Rejuvenations in a raid situation.

Even if I wasn’t in a raid, my 14% normal haste should be enough to allow for casting Nourish three times before loosing Rejuvenation. [A Nourish with 14% haste and the Nature’s Bounty bonus (but no raid haste bonus) would have about a 1.6 second cast time, casting three of those would take 4.8 seconds, so again if I round up to 6 seconds total, it should be fine.]


To take it one step further, let’s assume Nature’s Grace is talented 3/3.

Assuming I had just cast Regrowth, and for the next 15 seconds my haste is now increased by another 15%.

1.197 x 1.15 = 1.37655, which is 37.66% haste.

So, during the 15 seconds that Nature’s Grace is active, Nourish’s spell cast time is: 1.75 / (1 + (37.65/100)) = 1.2712 seconds, or rounded 1.3 seconds.

Ok.  I cast Regrowth first, and procced Nature’s Grace, giving myself 15 seconds of very hasty spells.

I spend the first 4 seconds casting three Rejuvenations, with 8 seconds again left over to cast at least three Nourishes.

Here’s where it gets good.  Since Nourish is now a 1.3 second cast, it only takes  3.9 seconds to cast three in a row. [1.3 sec x 3 = 3.9 seconds], and I’ll round this up to 5 seconds.

This leaves me with 3 seconds before the first Rejuvenation falls off and 6 seconds before Nature’s Grace falls off.  Enough time to refresh Lifebloom AND hit Wild Growth (the GCD is should also be decently faster while Nature’s Grace is active), or cast an extra TWO Nourishes.


I made up a quick spreadsheet in Google Docs so you can figure out your own cast times once you write in the value of your current haste percentage.  The spreadsheet currently assumes 2/2 Naturalist and 3/3 Nature’s Bounty.  I’d like to let it allow for partial points, but that is currently beyond my capabilities.  Also, I let the spreadsheet round out to hundredth’s of a second, which is what you see in game. I left my above napkin math in tenths to help build in some additional wiggle room for purposes of the example.


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