Rethinking Blessing of the Grove

Over the last month or so I’ve read several bloggers and theorycrafters denounce the Restoration Talent Blessing of the Grove, and I agreed.  Rejuvenation cost too much mana to cast about frequently and the 4% increased effectiveness did not seem to be a great use of 2 badly needed points.

With the upcoming Patch 4.0.6, things are looking a little different to me and I’m thinking about trying out this new spec:

10/0/31 – Rejuvenation Spec.

What may catch your eye about this spec is that I invested 2 points into Blessing of the Grove, 2 points into Genesis and dropped Furor.

Rejuvenation has been made a much more attractive spell by the significant mana cost reduction.  I already use this spell a lot to prop up raid members (26% of my total heals in last night’s raid), and now I’ll be able to cast it almost twice as often for the same mana cost.  By putting points into Blessing of the Grove and Genesis the healing effectiveness of the spell will increase by about 8%.  Not much, maybe, but since I already use this spell so often any boost seems beneficial.

Additionally, Genesis will increase the healing effectiveness of Wild Growth (which also receives a buff in Patch 4.0.6) so this talent looks even better.

I’ve also decided to drop the Efflorescence & Living Seed combo.  As Lissanna says in her blog, it’s sort of an all or nothing deal, and Living Seed just is not doing enough healing for me (1.5% of my total heals in last night’s raid) to justify its 3 points.  Though Efflorescence did contribute over 6% of my total heals, it isn’t that significant compared to my other main spells.  Also, the buffs to Wild Growth and Rejuvenation should make up for loosing Efflorescence.   Really, I would like to keep Efflorescence, but I just can’t sink 6 talent points into it anymore.

I’ve also decided to put some points into Nature’s Bounty. I’m undecided as to whether this should be 3 points or just 2, I suppose it will depend on how my haste is looking.  I sometimes think that I do cast Regrowth more than most, so the extra critical chance could end up as a nice boost.  With my increased focus on Rejuvenation, an almost guaranteed reduced cast time of Nourish looks like a nice bonus, and I will probably use it more often as a quick heal to refresh Lifebloom and keep raid members afloat.

Finally, the two points in Perseverance are mostly there because I can’t think of anywhere better to put them. I recently specced out of Nature’s Swiftness because I have not been using it effectively since Healing Touch became a staple spell… but I do miss it, so moving a point out of that (or out of Nature’s Bounty) and into Nature’s Swiftness is also an option.

In the end, my biggest concern about this spec is loosing the 10% mana increase from 2/3 Furor and the boost that larger mana pool provides to Replenishment & Innervate.  I could always drop Genesis for Furor later on (I do agree that Blessing of the Grove is weaker than Genesis; I wish I could drop it instead).  As frustrating as it is, a few of the talents in the Balance and Feral trees just look better to me than some of the points I am forced to spend in Restoration.

However, will a cheaper and better Rejuvenation be enough to outweigh a lower mana pool and lower mana returns?  I think it just might…


6 thoughts on “Rethinking Blessing of the Grove

    • Oh, thank you. ^^ This is actually blogging attempt #2… However, this is a new expansion, a new year, a new blog, and a fresh start.

  1. Hello, fellow tree!

    I would need more testing (we have lots of healers, not enough tanks so my focus has been split), but I have been wracking my brain trying to see where and what I fit my points into.

    As Lissanna suggested, it is difficult with the single target talent linked to an AOE talent.

    Myself and our other druid wonder if the practical application of the 3 rejuvs+ nourish will actually work. Even with Swift Rejuvenation and a good amount of haste, will one of those rejuvs fall off before we get to that third target to nourish? I haven’t seen any information regarding that, so for now I am leery of Nature’s Bounty.

    I really want to keep both Efflo AND pick up Genesis.

    Interestingly, I have been taking a hard look at Genesis and your blog came timely for me. Thank you for helping me think of other ways to move those points. What I do in the end may end up differently than what you did but I like the refreshing outlook.

    • You could look into something like this:

      Lissanna’s latest post has me reconsidering Gift of the Earthmother, a talent I had never contemplated dropping before. With the change to Empowered Touch to include Regrowth, it seems like Lifebloom will be even less likely to fall off the tank. The initial Rejuvenation heal is nice, but…maybe something we can live without.

      I’ve been working on a post to address the other question you had, regarding 3x Rejuvs and 3x Nourish. It’s something I had been wondering myself. I’ll post it early this afternoon, once I have a chance to check on a few things. A large amount of the appeal of Nature’s Bounty for me is that crit bonus. I already cast Regrowth more often than Nourish and Healing Touch, so making it as strong as possible for the mana cost is important to me.

      Edit: I just noticed, thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I’ll link back to you once I have time to get a blogroll put together. ^^*

  2. Interesting about GotEM. I didn’t want to drop it because I felt the little burst would be effective enough to keep it.

    Thank you for the link. Since I don’t miss Nature’s Swiftness I moved that floater point to GotEM (but it was a toss up between that or Perseverance). Regardless, I realized I wasn’t quite ready to give up on the circle of misunderstood spell effects.

    I don’t use Regrowth often at the moment, but still working out the healing kinks and I picked up Nature’s Bounty anyway.

    Keep up the good work and thanks again for the thoughts and suggestions.

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